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WATCH: Glenn Kirschner Talks Trump’s Unabated Crime Wave While in Office

WATCH: Glenn Kirschner Talks Trump’s Unabated Crime Wave While in Office

During the 4 years he was in office, Donald Trump did not have to answer to the multiple accusations against him. Now that he’s out of office, though, the law is coming fast and furious. The former president faces significant legal jeopardy in both New York and Georgia.

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And according to the New York Times, Trump was abusing his power in office as well. The report alleges that Trump weaponized his Department of Justice to spy on political opponents. According to Glenn Kirschner, this was just part of Trump’s “unabated crime wave” conducted while president.

The former federal prosecutor told Ali Velshi, “Even before he became president he committed campaign finance violations with Michael Cohen, for which Michael Cohen went to prison. Ali, then once he took office he could tick through the felony crimes that we can prove based on the information that has been publicly reported alone, whether it’s the bribery and extortion of President Zelenskiy, the ten counts of obstruction of justice meticulously documented by Bob Mueller in volume 2 of the Trump-Russia report for which Bob Mueller famously testified Donald Trump could be prosecuted upon leaving office.”

The lawyer continued, “There are so many other offenses. There are countless, avoidable COVID deaths that I think could be pursued by the states. Then, of course, there is inciting the insurrection. We saw it with our own eyes.”

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Kirschner closed his remarks, “If he is not held accountable, Ali, if we don’t prosecute him then what we are doing is we are encouraging tomorrow’s version of Donald Trump. We have to prosecute today’s version of Donald Trump to send the message that we will not tolerate a run away criminal .”


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