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WATCH: Glenn Kirschner Says DOJ is Sprinting Towards Indicting Donald Trump

WATCH: Glenn Kirschner Says DOJ is Sprinting Towards Indicting Donald Trump

Republican lawmakers have clearly proven that they will do anything in their power to defend Donald Trump. And if things go the way the GOP is hoping, the right will be in power come January of 2023.

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The potential loss of control only makes it that much more important that the Department of Justice indicts Donald Trump prior to this fall’s election. According to Glenn Kirschner, they are sprinting to do so.

Kirschner told Dean Obeidallah this week, “Yeah. So clearly I think Donald Trump is the ultimate target. And it seems to me that there are a couple of things going on. It seems to me that what DOJ is now doing is working its way up the criminal food chain. They continue to go after, prosecute and convict Donald Trump’s footsoldiers of the insurrection that he told to go attack the Capitol and stop the steal.”

The former federal prosecutor continued:

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“And why is it that we now have the kind of flurry of activity that you and I have been looking for for the past year and a half? Well, could it be because the Department of Justice has gotten wind of precisely what the American people are going to see beginning on June 9 regarding the crimes of Donald Trump and his coconspirators. And people are going to be screaming bloody murder. Why haven’t they been indicted? And that, it feels to me like all of a sudden DOJ is in full sprint, anticipating what we are all about to see.”

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