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WATCH: Glenn Kirschner Lays Out the 7 J6 Crimes Committed by Donald Trump

WATCH: Glenn Kirschner Lays Out the 7 J6 Crimes Committed by Donald Trump

Over the last few weeks, the J6 committee has laid out devastating charges against Donald Trump. The hearings have been so effective that many Americans are now just waiting for the former President to be indicted.

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According to Glenn Kirschner, the case ought to be open and shut. During a recent interview, the former federal prosecutor laid out the crimes committed by Trump.

Kirchner told Dean Obeidallah:

“Yeah, treason is defined in the federal law as whoever, owing an allegiance to the United States, levies war against them, the United States, is guilty of treason. And what Donald Trump was, in a very real sense, levy war. And we now know that his warriors were armed. He knew that. And he launched an attack, that he wanted to lead himself, on the U.S. Capitol, on the Democratic process, on the certification of the rightful win of a president. And that constitutes, in my opinion, levying war against the United States. That constitutes the crime of treason. You know, he certainly is on the hook for obstructing the official proceeding, the certification of Biden’s win. He’s on the hook for a conspiracy to defraud or commit offenses against the United States, inciting a riot, inciting an insurrection, seditious conspiracy, treason. And then if you want to talk about, I think, new charges that are supported by Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, we can talk about things.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below:

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