WATCH: Glenn Kirschner Explains Why the Trump Organization is Finished Even if No One Goes to Jail

The Trump Organization has been a giant in New York real estate for decades, but there has long been rumors of criminality. And over the last year, the state of New York has been looking into the business.

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Reports emerged yesterday that charges against the Trump Organization could be coming as soon as next week. During a Saturday morning interview, Glenn Kirschner explained why this will most likely be the end of the business.

The former prosecutor told Lindsey Reiser and Kendis Gibson, Lindsay, an organization, a business, is indicted for criminal activity, it means of necessity, that members of that organization committed crimes, right? Organizations don’t file tax returns themselves — people who work for and run those organizations file tax returns and Cy Vance is looking into whether there was tax crimes, financial crimes committed by the Trump Organization and they’re focusing on Allen Weisselberg because he was the person who knew to the penny what was going into and what was going out of the Trump organization.”

Kirschner continued, “This could be the first step: an indictment of the Trump Organization and that kind of an indictment would not necessarily lead to incarceration or conviction of the people who run the organization.”

The legal analyst closed his comments, “It can be the death knell for the organization but frankly, more importantly, it feels like the first step toward potential criminal liability for those who run the Trump Organization.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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