WATCH: Glenn Kirschner Explains Why “All Indicators” Point Towards Donald Trump Being Criminally Charged

Everyone has an opinion on whether Donald Trump will face criminal charges, on which members of his family and inner circle will also face legal consequences, and on who will turn on whom. Attorney Glenn Kirschner bases his on his observations of the process by the Southern District of New York and District Attorney Cy Vance.

[Photo by James Devaney/GC Images]

Kirschner, a legal analyst who appears on NBC and MSNBC, released a brief but thorough explanation of why exactly he thinks that Vance and SDNY are moving toward an indictment, not just tying up loose ends. In two minutes, he describes how the movements of the District Attorney’s office suggest to him that charges are coming.

“It does not guarantee that Trump or the Trump Organization will be indicted, but [impaneling a Grand Jury] is the last stop on the road to a criminal indictment,” Kirshner says, adding that every move so far has been another data point suggesting progress in that direction.

He lists some of these steps: the two-year battle to get access to the tax records that would serve as evidence if the Trump Organization, or Trump himself, have been involved in financial crimes, the hiring of forensic accounting firms to determine exactly what those documents contained, and the hiring of Mark Pomerantz, a prosecutor with experience going after mob bosses. Finally, “a special Grand Jury, impaneled to bring it all together and bring it all home.”

Kirschner is far from the only one to come to that conclusion — Michael Cohen has predicted an indictment hitting soon, former Homeland Security staffer Miles Taylor has said he expects charges to hit this year, and even Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, has said that court appearances will keep the Trump kids too busy to run for office.

As Kirschner says, his prediction doesn’t mean indictment is a certainty, but District Attorney Cy Vance has been working hard to gather evidence and have it analyzed by the best — and no one seems to think that’s good news for the ex-president.

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