WATCH: Glenn Beck Says Trump Is A Positive Thinker For Election Overturn Attempts

Donald Trump still appears to think that he can overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, though legal experts have explained that it’s not a possibility. While critics call the president delusional or suggest that he knows he can’t stay in office and is just milking more donations out of his base, Glenn Beck has a different view. He says Trump’s ongoing battles show a person who is a positive thinker, a real believer in the power of optimism.

Glenn Beck says Trump is a disciplined positive thinker
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

In a clip below captured by Right Wing Watch, you can see Glenn Beck grapple with the question of whether Trump really believes that on January 21st, the day after Joe Biden’s inauguration is scheduled to take place, he’ll still be in office.

Over the course of less than a minute, Beck characterizes the president as ‘disciplined’ and a ‘real student’ of Peale’s philosophy of positive thinking, and someone who never allows a seed of doubt, or allows a ‘worst-case scenario’ to sway him from his course.

I think he is such a Norman Vincent Peale guy and so disciplined in that, that yeah, I think he believes that…Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking, and once you put in the seed of doubt, that grows, and you’re not of one mind. If you’re a real student of that, it’s absolute. And that’s Donald Trump. It’s absolute.

One thing is for certain: if Trump does recognize that he won’t remain in office after January 20th, he’s not saying it publicly. He’s instead proposing increasingly desperate solutions — he’s progressed from recounts, to court battles, to the Supreme Court, to hoping Congress would prevent the electoral vote from being certified, and is now, the day before that certification, assuring his fans (baselessly) that Vice President Mike Pence still has the power to reject electors.

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