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WATCH: Glenn Beck Says COVID-19 Is In His Lungs — And He’s Still Pushing Unproven ‘Treatments’

WATCH: Glenn Beck Says COVID-19 Is In His Lungs — And He’s Still Pushing Unproven ‘Treatments’

Glenn Beck’s COVID-19 isn’t getting better, it seems, and instead of updating his views on vaccination and other protections against the virus, he’s just moving on to another set of unsupported and unproven medical recommendations.

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In the clip below, via Media Matters‘ Brendan Karet, Beck tells fellow right-wing radio host Mark Levin that COVID-19 is in his lungs, and that his doctor is helping him through a regimen that includes hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin.

It’s certainly possible — while the American Medical Association and FDA are urging doctors not to prescribe these drugs for COVID-19, and instead to educate patients on why they aren’t approved, there are still websites that list providers who will prescribe them — although a lot aren’t physically located in the U.S.

Beck says he’s been sick with the virus for about a week. Sure enough, it was just about a week ago that he aired an interview with former President Donald Trump, taking a break partway through to announce he’s under quarantine due to being diagnosed with the virus. Notably, though, he seemed to suggest at the time that something that had been ‘helping’ him was a brand of diet bars (unsurprisingly, with link and promo code).

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Beck says that he’s been able to continue airing his radio show throughout his illness.

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