WATCH: Giuliani Wants Twitter’s Jack Dorsey in Prison for “Covering Up” Hunter Biden Story

Rudy Giuliani has dedicated the last two years of his life to uncovering Hunter Biden’s criminal acts. It hasn’t gone well. His first attempt resulted in Donald Trump facing an impeachment trial. The next attempt, coordinated with the New York Post, was largely ignored by the American public.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The website Twitter, labeled an article published by the Post to be unsubstantiated and prevented it from being shared. That decision, made by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, incensed Giuliani. During an appearance on the Eric Bolling Sinclair Broadcast show.

Giuliani first accused Hunter Biden of bribery, extortion and endangering children. He also accused Dorsey of covering up pornography.

“Put him in jail,” said the former New York City mayor said of Dorsey. He also accused Twitter of, “the worst invasion of rights in America putting the Japanese in camps, except it’s being done to all of us.” And he said of Dorsey, “He’s not an American, he’s something else, maybe — maybe he’s working for the Chinese, I don’t know.”

Bolling closed the segment by saying, “I will tell you, I am hoping none of that is right but I am concerned that it is right and those things all happened.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Sinclair Broadcasting:



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