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WATCH: Giuliani Calls Fox News’ Host’s Questions Pathetic

WATCH: Giuliani Calls Fox News’ Host’s Questions Pathetic

Surrogates of Donald Trump have been all over cable news lately doing their best to defend and protect the President. None of those surrogates have appeared on television more often than the President’s sometime lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

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This Sunday, the former NYC Mayor had an interview with Fox News that didn’t go as smoothly as he hoped it would. Giuliani slammed host Howard Kurtz, telling him he should be ashamed of his questions and loudly yelling conspiracy theories.

The interview took place over two segments which were broken up by commercials. Before the first break, Giuliani yelled, “you should be ashamed of yourself, your profession.”

When the host resumed the program, Kurtz pressed Giuliani on the Ukraine situation. The Trump lawyer said, “I’m trying to get somebody to investigate what is massive corruption in the Obama administration. A pay-for-play scheme that goes back to the early days in which Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden… And since I got cut off, I didn’t point out the fact that the Ukrainian-American who you’re talking about that gave the 500,000 dollars to the brother got twenty million dollars to open up a car dealership in Ukraine.”

Kurtz was critical of Giuliani for regurgitating talking points. The former NYC Mayor responded by saying, “Wait, before you interrupt me Howard. I know you wanna defend it so bad. It’s pathetic. It’s pathetic.” He then continued, “You don’t let me get a sentence out. You contradict me immediately. You watch the interview with one of the Biden cronies, or one of the Democratic lapdogs, and they get fifteen minutes to answer a question, and they get to say stupid things like, ‘Hunter Biden says I didn’t do it.’ End of story.”

Watch a video of the segment here courtesy of Fox News:

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