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WATCH: “Get Used To Living Among Foreigners” Charlie Kirk Says Quiet Part Aloud In Racist Rant

WATCH: “Get Used To Living Among Foreigners” Charlie Kirk Says Quiet Part Aloud In Racist Rant

Charlie Kirk predicts that he’ll be “called all these terrible names” for his openly racist rant about “living amongst foreigners.” If by “terrible names” he means “racist,” “xenophobic,” and “hate-filled,” he’s right — that’s exactly what people are saying.

[Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon]

According to Charlie Kirk, one in every five people in the United States is here illegally. “Twenty percent of all Americans,” he says, somewhat nonsensically, since he’s specifically complaining about people who are not American citizens. Of course, statistics say he’s also wrong — a Pew Research study in 2020 found that about 13.7% of the U.S. population is made up of immigrants, and that less than a quarter of those are here illegally — meaning that Kirk is amplifying the undocumented population by a lot.

Watch below as he goes on a racist rant, pretends not to know what ‘replacement theory’ is, and declares that there’s a plot underway to force Americans to “live amonst foreigners.”

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“Twenty percent of all Americans, you take a random sampling size at a sports game or a city, one out of five will be here illegally…part of it is because they want to have demographic that fit their narrative…We’re not allowed to say this out loud. When we say it out loud we get called all these terrible names…just a matter of time, because of the open southern border, Texas will become a blue state…they want you to get used to living amongst foreigners. Now, immigrants can be a wonderful benefit to a society but when is too much too much? Now is too much.”

Among other things, Kirk is angry that mosques in Minneapolis are being allowed to have calls to prayer, which he suggests was not “in the vision of our founding fathers.”

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