WATCH: “Get Firing Squads Ready, Pence First” Trump-Loving Lawyer Lin Wood Defends Insurrectionists

Some participants in the Capitol attack spoke of then-vice-president Mike Pence as a target for violence. Months later, Lin Wood, a Trump-idolizing attorney who’s running for GOP Chair in South Carolina, would declare himself anti-violence — while also calling for firing squads and designating, “Pence first.”

Lin Wood doxing
(Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

Lin Wood has been vocal in his criticism of Mike Pence for not supporting Donald Trump’s lies about the election, and not attempting to overturn the outcome of the election via his official role in the proceedings. In the clip below, he talks about the insurrectionists attacking the Capitol Building, and repeats the claim that they were allowed in. Then he declares “them all” — apparently meaning some unspecified portion of Congress and/or security thereof — traitors, and demands a firing squad. Then he identifies the first target for such a hypothetical execution.

Wood has centered himself in controversy over the last year, taking a role in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager charged with murder in the shooting deaths of two Black Lives Matter protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, then dropping that to attack the integrity of the Georgia elections and level related accusations at the officials in the state, even calling for the military to stage a takeover, declare the election void, and force a do-over.

Now he’s moved to South Carolina, while facing an investigation by the Georgia Bar, and he’s decided to run for GOP Chair. The incumbent, Drew McKissick, has Donald Trump’s endorsement, and Wood has been very vocal in accusing McKissick of cheating.

However, just being in the race gives Wood access to audiences — where he can descend into rants like this one.

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