WATCH: Geraldo Says They Should Honor Trump by Naming the COVID-19 Vaccine After Him

In the weeks after the election, Donald Trump has been quite despondent. He has barely made any public appearances save for hitting the golf course each weekend. He has only really communicated with Americans by tweeting wild proclamations and conspiracy theories.

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

But rather than slamming the president for refusing his job, Conservatives have tried to find ways to let him down easily. Geraldo Rivera, a long-time friend to Trump has been leading this charge. During a Friday morning appearance on Fox & Friends, Rivera suggested they should name the new COVID-19 vaccine after the president.

Of course, Trump’s failure to push even the most minor precautions against he virus has caused economic devastation and increased deaths. Seemingly ignoring this fact, Rivera told the panel, “It would be a nice gesture to him and years from now it would become kind of a generic name. Have you got your trump yet, I got my trump, I’m fine. I wished we could honor him in that way.”

Geraldo has also been gently pushing Trump to concede the election. He recently tweeted to the president, “Dear Donald Trump-my honored friend-you fought an incredible battle vs all odds and the curse of insidious disease,” Rivera’s tweet started, appearing to refer to Trump’s bout with COVID-19. “You battled the back stabbers & our enemies & remade the world in peace & prosperity. You came so close. Time coming soon to say goodbye with grace and dignity.”



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