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WATCH: Geraldo Rivera Shuts Down Jeanine Pirro’s Racist Immigration Rant

WATCH: Geraldo Rivera Shuts Down Jeanine Pirro’s Racist Immigration Rant

Last night, Jeanine Pirro was a guest on Sean Hannity’s show. The normally angry Pirro seems even angrier than usual now that Donald Trump is out of office. And rather than talking about the news of the day, the former judge decided to rant about immigration.

Joining her for the debate was Geraldo Rivera. Pirro largely controlled the debate, refusing to let Rivera get a word in edge-wise. But once she did, the pundit deftly shut down her argument.

Pirro ranted, “Don’t want to hear that we need workers Geraldo! We got 10 million, 17 million, however many million Americans are out of work. Biden invited those people in during the campaign.” When Rivera tried to counter her stance, she interrupted, “I listened to you. You listen to me! They’ve got Covid. They’ve got all kinds of diseases. They’re being released into the United States!”

When Geraldo finally got the chance to talk he told the host, “In March of 2020 (while Trump was in charge), hundreds of thousands of these undocumented workers were deemed essential. ICE and Homeland Security were told to lay off. Why? Because they were picking our lettuce and our onions and our broccoli, they were feeding America.”

When the judge tried to argue, Rivera corrected, “They were deemed essential workers a year ago, a year ago during the height of the pandemic…”

Pirro finally caught on, “Oh, so you’re saying Trump made an exception.”

Watch a clip of the entire segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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