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[WATCH] Georgia Trump Supporters Call For Boycott of Senate Runoffs

[WATCH] Georgia Trump Supporters Call For Boycott of Senate Runoffs

Donald Trump’s supporters are an astounding group, and sometimes it’s hard to tell when they’re being real or when they’re trolling us with their outlandish behavior. And yet they continue to create new lows for humanity every day with their continued insistence that Trump won the election, and it’s only a matter of time before the results are overturned in his favor. Meanwhile, Trump has failed to prove any election fraud, and no court in the country is enabling his continued attempt to gaslight his followers into believing there’s still hope.

The upcoming Georgia Senate runoff election in January has become the latest political hot button issue now that the Biden-Harris transition team has been allowed to move forward and Trump has acknowledged he’ll be leaving office in January. But his loyal fanbase refuses to give up, as shown by the group that congregated at the Georgia State Capitol to demand a boycott of the runoffs.

Far-right protesters had been calling for a boycott even before right-wing activist Vincent James Foxx took to the steps of the Georgia Capitol last week to tell “Republican traitors” who are not trying to overturn the election that “we will not be willing to show up for them.”

Foxx founded Red Elephants, a media platform based in California that the Anti-Defamation League described as promoting “conspiracy theories, anti-Semitic beliefs, and white supremacist mantras.”

Republican incumbents Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue each come with criminal accusations connected to insider trading. Loeffler recently announced she had tested positive for COVID19, leaving her unable to campaign. Perdue has already announced he won’t be debating his opponent, Jon Ossoff, who crushed him in their last meeting where Ossoff called Perdue a criminal for his questionable dumping of certain stocks.

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Some Trump supporters are even suggesting people write-in Trump instead of voting for Loeffler or Perdue, which they falsely believe will help overturn the Georgia election results and reward Trump with some desperately needed Electoral College votes. Even Trump himself said Thursday night that they shouldn’t bother voting at all, but then did a 180 on Friday, instead urging voters in the state not to boycott the runoffs, as he plans to visit the state next week to campaign for both Republican candidates.

Good luck sitting through Foxx’s comments, which is basically like a tweetstorm somehow become a person.

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