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WATCH: Georgia Trump Cult Calls For Armed Resistance

WATCH: Georgia Trump Cult Calls For Armed Resistance

Supporters of Donald Trump in Georgia will never let verified facts get in the way of their belief that unless Trump gets a second term as president the election must have been stolen from him. They also think that the logical, proper remedy for that is to start shooting people.

Scuffed News waded into the crowd at Monday night’s rally in Dalton, Ga., and asked attendees their thoughts on the results of the Nov. 3 presidential vote. The responses demonstrate an utter lack of respect for the rule of law their hero president has professed to support and a cult-like willingness to parrot talking points they’ve heard on Fox News, Newsmax and One America News Network (OANN).

One woman repeated the debunked allegation that “nothing’s been validated, there are shredded ballots everywhere.” Clearly she paid no attention to Monday’s item-by-item refutal of allegations of election fraud by Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling.

It’s one thing to simply say that your political opponents are lying, but it’s a whole new level of disturbing when you think that makes it acceptable to have them killed. “After the rally in Valdosta and the rally here,” one many said, “the energy of the crowds … either Trump pulls it out or we have civil war.”

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Another rally attendee was even more direct in calling for violence. “If you’re sitting at home, on your couch, watching from your living room, and you’re sitting around crying about what’s going on and you’re not prepared to shoulder a weapon and show up and support your president and not allow this to be stolen from him, don’t cry to me about your patriotism. Get out and do something about it.”


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