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WATCH: George Conway Explains Why the DOJ ‘Can’t Pass Up’ Prosecuting Trump

WATCH: George Conway Explains Why the DOJ ‘Can’t Pass Up’ Prosecuting Trump

On Wednesday, the Washington Post revealed that a 1/6 committee court filing alleged that Donald Trump and allies “engaged in potential crimes during their effort to overturn the election: conspiring to defraud the United States and obstructing an official congressional proceeding — the counting of electoral votes.”

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So far, Attorney General Merrick Garland has been reticent to charge or even investigate the former President. After this news dropped, however, George Conway argued that the DOJ couldn’t pass up this opportunity to prosecute Trump.

The Republican lawyer said during an appearance on Morning Joe, “The problem for Trump and [lawyer John] Eastman and others, and Eastman has had to plead the Fifth [Amendment] 146 times at his deposition before the Jan. 6 committee. The problem for them is that the ‘evidence is piling up and mounting, and it fits these statutes like a glove. I mean, the real issue is were they intending to deceive anybody, did they know they were deceiving people?”

Conway continued:

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“There’s already, you know, reporting out there that Trump was telling his aides, and I know for a fact this to be true, that he was saying, ‘How could I have lost to this guy? How could I have lost?’ which means he knew he lost, which means he knew he was engaging in a fraud and knew he was engaging in a deceit, and the fact he was trying to obstruct the lawful function of the United States government puts this squarely, squarely under the scope of 18 U.S.C. section 371. At this point I don’t see how the Justice Department can pass on this.”

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