WATCH: George Conway Explains How Trump is Not Well

George Conway has been an important Republican for several years. He was a Conservative lawyer who took part in the Bill Clinton impeachment trials. He was also married (now in the process of divorce) married to Kellyanne Conway, one of the chief architects of the initial Trump presidency. 

George Conway, unlike Kellyanne, has been a fierce opponent of the former President, which certainly had an impact on his marriage. He has plowed forward, though, and continues to attack Trump. During a recent CNN spot, the pundit talked about Trump's brag that Sammy Gravano backed him. 

Conway began, "Telling judges, committed to uphold the rule of law, that they should listen to a mobster. You know, he is a sociopath. One of the things I think that needs to happen this year is we need to start talking about Donald Trump's mental state."

The lawyer continued:

"This is not a well man. A man who would say this publicly and actually believe it, because he does, is not a well man. And we have not -- as a country really dealt with that fact. And I think to totally understand where Trump is coming from, where his authoritarian bent is coming from, and the danger he poses to the country, we need to start talking about that."