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WATCH] George Conway Accuses Donald Trump of ‘Witness Tampering’

WATCH] George Conway Accuses Donald Trump of ‘Witness Tampering’

Let me just start this by saying I don’t think George Conway is any kind of a patriot, and I’ll never understand the Florida amateur dinner theatre version of Carville & Matalin he’s been performing with his wife, Kellyanne Conway, since 2015. Unfortunately, George is seen as the kind of blunt Beltway insider who can get away with dragging a fellow Republican while also totally pretending his wife didn’t repeatedly violate the Hatch Act while in that Republican’s employ.

Having said that, Conway isn’t wrong in his assessments of Donald Trump’s many public gaffes and irregular behavior, and their beef goes back aways. Much like Michael Cohen, Conway knows that when Trump says something out loud, he’s broadcasting plenty of things he should be covering up instead. So when the Former Guy made an appearance at the “Faith and Freedom” conference and started bloviating about getting back into the White House and pardoning a bunch of people as long as they stay quiet about January 6th and that whole failed coup thing, Conway called him out during an MSNBC appearance on Saturday morning.

With former Trump aides and current family members who have testified and are still scheduled to testify before the House Committee, some have yet to speak to investigators. Conway said Trump is trying to derail the judicial system by trying to influence those who haven’t yet spoken to the Committee, but have either been requested to appear or subpoenaed.

If you honestly don’t know who Trump is by now, you’re clearly still getting your daily MAGA Mountain Dew Kool-Aid injections. He’s a bullshit artist’s bullshit artist.

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