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[WATCH] Gen McCaffrey Says Russia Will ‘Eventually’ Leak What They Have On Trump

[WATCH] Gen McCaffrey Says Russia Will ‘Eventually’ Leak What They Have On Trump

Lordy, are there tapes?

Donald Trump’s obvious preference for Vladimir Putin over America was obvious during his four-year tenure in the White House, but nothing solid connecting the two ever emerged to indicate they had anything other than a diplomatic relationship. Despite rumors, conjectures, and even a lengthy expose in Vanity Fair that linked Trump to Putin as far back as 1987, the Republicans worked overtime to make it seem like Putin had influence neither over Trump nor them.

Donald Trump compromised in hack by Russia
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But that smokescreen can only last so long, and secrets have weight. With Trump facing criminal trials in New York and Georgia, Putin seems to be publicly distancing himself. And yet the GOP continues to push similar talking points as Putin–witness his remarks about Ashli Babbit–which always leads to the question: what do the Russians have not only on Trump but the rest of the GOP? When the RNC and DNC servers were hacked, only the Democrats’ information was leaked to the public. Will the public ever learn what was on the RNC server? Could there be a specific reason behind the cozy relationship between Trump and Putin?

General Barry McCaffrey, MSNBC Military Analyst, appeared on “The 11th Hour” with Brian Williams Tuesday night to discuss what he thinks the Russians will do once Trump is clearly too far gone to be of any use to them, including potentially leaking whatever embarrassing kompromat they have on Trump and other Republicans.

McCaffrey also talked about President Biden’s summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and how he’s already established he won’t be getting cozy with the former KGB agent, unlike some former guys we know. Watch his full segment, below.

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