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WATCH: Gavin Newsom Calls Out Trump After Romping in Recall Election

WATCH: Gavin Newsom Calls Out Trump After Romping in Recall Election

For the last few months, Republicans have been excited about the California recall election. Due to a strange quirk in the state’s laws, Larry Elder had a chance at becoming the governor of one of the bluest states in America.

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But the GOP started to realize their chances were dwindling in the last few days when Elder began to allege election fraud. After winning by a large margin on Tuesday night, Gavin Newsom took aim at Trump in his victory speech.

“Just in the last few days,” he began, “the former president put out, saying this election was rigged. Democracy is not a football, you don’t throw it around. It’s more like — I don’t know — an antique vase. You can drop it, smash it into a million different pieces — and that’s what we’re capable of doing if we don’t stand up to meet the moment and push back.”

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Trump of course, claimed fraud hours after the election. He wrote in a statement, “People don’t realize that, despite the Rigged voting in California (I call it the ‘Swarming Ballots’), I got 1.5 Million more votes in 2020 than I did in 2016.”

The statement continued, “Many people are already complaining that when they go to vote they are told, ‘I’m sorry, you already voted’ (Just like 2020, among many other things).” Trump, of course, made this claim without offering any kind of evidence to support his claim.

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