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(Watch) GA Senator: “I don’t have a problem” if Trump Used N-Word Prior to Presidency

(Watch) GA Senator: “I don’t have a problem” if Trump Used N-Word Prior to Presidency

As Omarosa Manigault Newman’s new book flies off the shelves, one of the most damning claims made within this book doesn’t appear to concern many of those on the right.

Appearing on CNN’s new day, Georgia Republican State Senator Michael Williams shocked viewers when he claimed that, although Trump’s use of the n-word would bother him personally, if Trump used the word prior to his Presidency, then it’s not really a problem.

“I don’t have a problem with Donald Trump having used it in the past as my president. I always say using the N-word is wrong and is bad and should never be accepted in our society. But just because he might have done it years ago, not as our president, doesn’t mean we need to continue to berate him because he used it,” Williams told CNN’s Victor Blackwell.

“It would matter [to me] as an individual. It would not necessarily matter to me as the person that is running our country,” Williams continued.

Blackwell, obviously caught off guard by Williams’ comments, asked for clarification.

“He has his personal beliefs, his personal ideas. I truly believe he is able to separate those from how he is running the country,” Williams responded.

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There has yet to be any smoking gun evidence proving that President Trump had used the word in the past, but there are multiple individuals, who were within his 2016 campaign, who claim that he did in fact utter the derogatory term, including Manigault Newman and former campaign spokesperson, Katrina Pierson.

The White House has already issued a statement saying that Manigault Newman’s claims are false. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also stated that Manigault Newman’s claims were false, but stopped short of guaranteeing that a tape will not ever surface, proving otherwise.

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