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WATCH: Freed From Russian Prison, U.S. Marine Calls Out Marjorie Greene For Voting Not To Demand His Release

WATCH: Freed From Russian Prison, U.S. Marine Calls Out Marjorie Greene For Voting Not To Demand His Release

A U.S. Marine who is finally home after political imprisonment in Russia wants the world to know that one elected Representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, played a special role in extending his suffering, and that she and others around her in fact voted against a resolution demanding his release.

CHATSWORTH, GEORGIA – MAY 23: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) interacts with voters during a campaign stop at the Creme Hut on May 23, 2022 in Chatsworth, Georgia. Rep. Greene is running for a second congressional term in the state’s upcoming midterm primary. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Trevor Reed and his family are thrilled that the Marine is home, but they’re not happy with Marjorie Taylor Greene and others whose Congressional obstruction and showboating extended his time in a Russian prison. In the clip below, he’s making sure that the whole world knows that Greene’s antics, and those of her clique, kept him imprisoned longer than necessary.

(Note: the text accompanying the video below erroneously identifies the Marine as Taylor Reed, rather than Trevor. Taylor is Trevor’s sister, who is speaking as the clip begins.)

Joey Reed, Trevor’s father, lays out his case.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is not our Representative. The day before Trevor’s appeal hearing, where they were gonna give the decision, she called for every resolution and every bill in the House that day to have a roll call vote, so they would just put them off. They didn’t have to do that on Trevor’s. This was a call for Putin to release an American Marine, but she called for a roll call vote, it got put off to the next day, where they rolled them all into one roll call vote, and her and her cronies, that small group of idiots, voted against it. So you voted for Putin?”

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Trevor Reed plans to go to the campaigns of every single Republican who voted against demanding his release, “and thank them personally for that.”

“That’s embarrassing to me,” he says, “That anyone who represents the United States would vote against something like that. I’m sure the Russians loved that.”

The Congressional record shows exactly what the Reeds describe — a call for a roll call vote, resulting in the resolution being delayed until the next day. Her own colleagues have also expressed frustration with Greene for this routine.

The text of the resolution can hardly be considered controversial or questionable in any rational view, merely laying out the mistreatment suffered by Reed (being denied food and water for 72 hours after his arrest, being denied medical attention for injuries, and ultimately being detained and sentenced against evidence of the alleged crimes) and the demands (that he be released, and that he be treated appropriately, with access to necessary medical treatment until his release).

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