[WATCH] Frank Figliuzzi On The Risks Of Election Audits Spreading To More States

A growing campaign by former guy Donald Trump and his supporters to pressure county governments to launch audits reviewing ballots cast in the last presidential election, which they claim without evidence was tainted by large-scale fraud and votes manipulated on equipment purchased from Dominion Voting Systems, is now spreading across the country. What started in Arizona is now also happening in Georgia, with other states indicating they may follow suit.

The Arizona recount, which has been denounced by election experts as unprofessional and insecure, is being touted as an inspiration by smaller groups of angry Trump supporters across the country. State leaders, Dominion officials and local residents are now trying to block such examinations sought by activists in several Michigan counties. Dominion warned that transferring machines to unaccredited auditors could void licensing agreements and render the equipment “unqualified for official use.”

Photo credit: White House/Wikimedia

Last week, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs advised Maricopa County officials that it should replace all voting machines that were turned over to a private contractor for the ongoing audit there, citing “grave concerns regarding the security and integrity” of the machines that make them unusable for future elections.

In Michigan, calls for outside audits have grown loudest thanks to an initial reporting error of election results in November, which temporarily showed a lead by Democrat Joe Biden over Trump despite the county’s heavy Republican lean, prompting widespread claims that Dominion machines had “flipped” votes from Trump to Biden. After human error was discovered and the count was adjusted, an audit of the vote showed that Dominion machines tabulated ballots accurately. A judge has now dismissed a lawsuit from activists seeking to conduct their own audit.

In a panel discussion on Thursday’s “Deadline: White House”, former FBI Assistant Director and NBC News National Security Contributor Frank Figliuzzi spoke to the impact of these audits on election security and the risks involved with allowing them to go forward. Watch the full segment, below.


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