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WATCH: Frank Figliuzzi Lays Out All the Crimes Louis DeJoy Could be Charged With

WATCH: Frank Figliuzzi Lays Out All the Crimes Louis DeJoy Could be Charged With

Upon taking over the White House, the Biden Administration went to work on purging Donald Trump appointees. One Trump appointee, though, has been harder to get rid of than others. As of right now, Louis DeJoy is still serving at the Postmaster General.

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DeJoy, however, has bigger issues than possibly losing his job. He is reportedly under investigation by the FBI. During a Saturday appearance on MSNBC, Frank Figliuzzi laid out all the things that the Trump loyalist could be charged with.

The former FBI official told Alex Witt, “Personally, we know DeJoy personally was responsible for giving over $1.1 million to Trump re-election, GOP re-election efforts. So this guy didn’t need a job, by the way, as postmaster general. He was doing really well with his logistics firm, they needed him in the job, the GOP needed him as postmaster general.”

Figliuzzi continued:

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“So now we have a postmaster general, Alex, whose employees and open records indicate was likely circumventing election law, but now we have a postmaster general hand-picked by Trump, still there, who’s done what? Manipulate the mail just before a crucial presidential election with a record number of mail-in votes. And we know through public records that the mail was significantly delayed by DeJoy in key swing states.”

The MSNBC contributor continued, “I make he may have exposed himself to lying to Congress charges, perjury charges because his employees are saying something very different. Essentially he was an operative for the GOP party, when they needed money he figured out how to do it, how to evade the laws.”

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