WATCH: Fox’s Watters Says Black Americans Should Reject Government Assistance and Help Themselves

The hosts on Fox News have no interest right now in talking about any current events. Joe Biden has been off to a very good start to his presidency and is running high approval ratings. So the only recourse for the Conservative network is to keep fighting the culture war.

Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images

One of the big theories on Fox lately is that racism doesn’t exist anymore and that Black Americans are at no disadvantage. During a recent segment, host Jesse Watters went as far as telling African Americans to reject government assistance and help themselves.

The pundit made the comments during a spot with co-host Greg Gutfeld. He told Gutfeld, “Well you know that I have my DNA test. .1%. And if I see another white liberal like Joe Biden coming around and saying how they are going to ‘help me,’ I would shake my head.”

Watters continued:

“I’m actually thinking now when the government says that they want to help Blacks they are actually hurting Blacks, because where are the trillions that we have already spent go, Joe? Where did they go? Did they go to just the race hustlers that run the federal programs that don’t work? Because they didn’t go to the people that needed the help, so if someone was saying ‘I’m going to help you, I’m going to help you’ I’m going to say, ‘I’m going to help myself.’ I’m going to operate my schools, and my businesses, my families, I’m going to keep more of my money. And I bet Black Americans would thrive if white liberals stop trying to help them.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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