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WATCH: Fox’s Wallace Shreds Surgeon General For Comparing COVID-19 to Smoking

WATCH: Fox’s Wallace Shreds Surgeon General For Comparing COVID-19 to Smoking

Jerome Adams, who has been the United States Surgeon General since, has had a rough time of it in 2020. Many though the young and fit anesthesiologist lost credibility back in March, when he claimed overweight septuagenarian Donald Trump was healthier than he was.

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Unlike Dr. Anthony Fauci or even Dr. Deborah Birx, Adams is more willing to parrot Republican talking points when talking about COVID-19. He tried to do this on Sunday during an interview with Chris Wallace. After he compared coronavirus death numbers to those of smokers or drug users, he was savagely rebuked by the host.

Adams made the claim while arguing against a nationwide shelter in place order. He told the Fox News host, “More people will die even in the worst projections from cigarette smoking in this country than are going to die from coronavirus this year.”

The Surgeon General continued, “What I would say to those governors is if you can’t give us a month, give us what you can. Give us a week. Give us whatever you can to stay at home during this particularly tough time.”

Wallace countered:

“There’s a big difference between opioids and cigarettes, which are something that people decide to use or not to use, and the coronavirus, which people catch. It’s not an individual choice. And you know, when President Trump says that he is a wartime president, during World War II, FDR didn’t say, ‘Well, it’s up to each state to decide what to do,’ he mobilized the nation. Again, why not a national stay-at-home order? The coronavirus doesn’t recognize states’ rights, so does the federal analogy really work here?”

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Watch a video of the exchange below, courtesy of Fox News:


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