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WATCH: Fox’s Wallace Rips Adviser Who Refuses to Admit Trump is Losing in Polls

WATCH: Fox’s Wallace Rips Adviser Who Refuses to Admit Trump is Losing in Polls

Donald Trump may say that all polls that show him down to Joe Biden are fake, but he also talks about them quite a bit. And the average lead Biden currently holds (close to 9%) is significantly bigger than the leads Hillary Clinton held over the President in 2016.

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Still, the Trump campaign has dispatched a number of surrogates to sow doubt about the quality of the surveys. Adviser Jason Miller attempted to do this while speaking to Chris Wallace on Sunday. The Fox host, though, was ready for the argument and quickly shot the spokesperson down.

Wallace asked Miller how he plans on turning around Trump’s flailing campaign. The adviser responded, “Well, we think we’re in great shape and well positioned to win this. And in fact, in all the states President Trump needs to get to 270 [electoral votes], he’s either leading or within the margin of error.”

The host countered:

“I knew you were going to attack one poll. As I said the national poll is based on nine polls. The state polls are based on multiple polls as well. Are you really going to blame this — it seems to me that you hurt your credibility if you don’t admit, yeah, we’re losing and we’ve got to turn things around.”

I disagree,” Miller said. “The trajectory lines are going very well, the campaign is in a good place… We’re doing much better than the public polling which tends to lag behind what our private polling is showing us. We think he’s in a good position right now.”

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Watch a video of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:


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