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WATCH: Fox’s Turley Mocks Trump Lawyer van der Veen For Making a Fool of Himself

WATCH: Fox’s Turley Mocks Trump Lawyer van der Veen For Making a Fool of Himself

Donald Trump’s current legal team did not have much time to prepare for the impeachment trial. At the same time, they look way out of their depth. According to sources, Trump was furious with lawyer Bruce Castor after his the first day or the trial.

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And the performance has continued to be problematic. On Saturday morning the senate chamber bursted out in laughter after Michael van der Veen threw a tantrum and strangely pronounced Philadelphia. Fox News’ legal correspondent Jonathan Turley had strong words for the lawyer’s behavior.

Turley said of last night’s reveal of a troubling phone call between Trump and Kevin McCarthy, “[it’s] all perfectly bizarre to have this sudden surprise witness come up literally before closing arguments. You’re not supposed to have these types of Perry Mason moments.”

The legal analyst continued, ““His suggestion that this is done in Philadelphia was absurd. When I was lead counsel in impeachment, we did a great number of depositions before the Senate trial, all on Capitol Hill. That’s the tradition.”

Turley closed his remarks, “But he’s also allowing himself to get upset and casual. It’s not a good thing when you’re representing someone accused of violent incitement when you seem to have anger management issues in front of the Senate.”

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Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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