WATCH: Fox’s Pete Hegseth Wonders if America Even Deserves Donald Trump

Donald Trump is very popular with his base of supporters. In general, however, the president is wildly unpopular with the general public. During his 4 years in office, Trump never held an approval rating over 50% in any poll. No president in history has ever failed to reach that benchmark.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

But, among Trump’s supporters in the cable news world, he is often portrayed as some deity. Fox and Friends is a good example of this behavior. During a morning segment, host Pete Hegseth wondered if the country even “deserved President Trump.”

The Fox host made the comments while talking about Trump’s dubious legal fight in Georgia. He told viewers:

“You know, how refreshing it is to hear the President, how much he’s taught us on how to fight, to not back down, who’s doing both things at the same time. He is fighting to win these critical races in Georgia. But you can tell, his heart is in his relent — relentless pursuit of a fair and real, legal election outcome. That’s tomorrow — that’s, excuse me, on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., as Kelly Loeffler has mentioned. She will object. He is a fighter that America barely deserves. But thank God, we’re reminded from the podium tonight, what he can do to mobilize people and — and hopefully he comes out on top tomorrow.”

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of Fox News:

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