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WATCH: Fox’s Pete Hegseth Says Pardoned War Criminals Were “Just Doing Their Job”

WATCH: Fox’s Pete Hegseth Says Pardoned War Criminals Were “Just Doing Their Job”

The hosts of certain Fox News shows seem to have a direct line to Donald Trump. And when the president engages in controversial pardons of war criminals, he listens to Pete Hegseth. Hegseth played a large role in the pardoning of Eddie Gallagher back in November of 2019.

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And while Trump’s involvement in the Gallagher case was shocking, the president outdid himself with yesterday’s pardoning of 4 Blackwater contractors. Again, the argument for these men was made to the president by Hegseth. On Wednesday broadcast, Hegseth says the 4 men, accused of horrible atrocities, were “just doing their jobs.”

The Fox host said this morning, “What the president did for those Blackwater contractors — it’s been described as a massacre. What it was was the fog of a moment where they were doing their job to protect State Department employees in one of the most dangerous parts of Baghdad at one of the most dangerous moments.”

Hegseth continued:

“They were tried in a civilian that has no connection to what it’s like to be in that war. They volunteered to be there. And a huge credit to the commander-in-chief. There’s no upside to a call like this other than sending a signal to our war fighters, whether you’re a contractor in uniform, we’re going to have your back when you make tough calls on the battlefield. Kudos from my perspective to the president for doing what he did for those Blackwater contractors.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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