WATCH: Fox’s Lou Dobbs Loses It When a Reporter Dismisses Trump’s PA Election Fight

For the most part, Fox’s anchors have come to grips with the reality that Donald Trump lost the election. The network, of course, called the state of Arizona on election night infuriating Trump. Even Laura Ingraham told her viewers there was no overturning this race during her Monday night show.

Al Seib/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

There are, however, holdouts within the network. Lou Dobbs of the Fox Business channel, has normally been willing to go further than any other anchor in his support of the president. Dobbs recently had an extreme reaction when a reporter dismissed the chances of Trump overturning the Pennsylvania results.

David Spunt was reporting on Trump’s recent call into a Republican meeting in Gettysburg. Spunt told Dobbs, “It’s not clear if today’s meeting was just to shine some light on some potential irregularities and some problems or actually change some of the results in Pennsylvania.It’s interesting to note though that there were witnesses here, but this was not a court hearing or a legal proceeding. There was no judge, the claims here today stood a different standard than those made in court under oath.”

Dobbs furiously shot back:

“You sound rather dismissive of the expert witnesses, including psyops, computer forensic experts that were testifying as to the irregularities and anomalies of the election. And point of fact, it was an informational hearing, and you are, I’m sure, aware that… a state judge has intervened to temporarily stop the certification of the vote in Pennsylvania as a result of claims by, amongst others, Congressmen Mike Kelly and Sean Parnell, both Republicans declaring in their lawsuit that the entire proceeding was unconstitutional. David Spunt, thanks for being with us. We appreciate it.”

Watch a clip of the interaction below, courtesy of Fox Business:

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