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WATCH: Fox’s Kurtz Whines That Media Will Rip Trump’s Kids But Not Biden’s

WATCH: Fox’s Kurtz Whines That Media Will Rip Trump’s Kids But Not Biden’s

The media has long resisted doing any reporting on the kids of presidents. Whether the children were still growing up or already full grown adults, the press largely left them alone. On the same token, presidents often made sure to shield their children from the public eye.

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Donald Trump, on the other hand, consistently puts his kids in full view. Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka Trump have all been given jobs they weren’t necessarily qualified for, as were their spouses. So it is no surprise that the media reports on them. Fox’s Howard Kurtz, though, thinks the media shouldn’t cover the Trump kids if they aren’t willing to do the same with Joe Biden’s.

Kurtz began the segment focusing on a recent podcast done by Olivia Nuzzi. He told viewers, “There is a backlash from more left-wing journalists against any working reporter who dares to portray anybody from Trump world with a little bit of sympathy, treating them as human beings.”

The Fox contributor continued, “It’s like if you don’t trash Jared [Kushner] and Ivanka [Trump], you’re out of the cool kids club. And that’s been a dangerous trend, and suddenly we will not see that during the Biden administration.”

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Kurtz closed his comments, “I don’t think most reporters want to be patted on the head. I do think they like to be respected and not attacked as enemy of the American people and all of that … but there’s little question that much of the news business for the last four years has treated President Trump as a dangerous liar and used that to justify a blatant double standard in the coverage.”


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