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WATCH: Fox’s Kudlow Says he Yearns for the ‘Calm and Peaceful’ Days of Donald Trump

WATCH: Fox’s Kudlow Says he Yearns for the ‘Calm and Peaceful’ Days of Donald Trump

Donald Trump took office on January of 2016. And for the next four years, the United States was a dumpster fire not only home, but abroad as well.

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The day Joe Biden was elected, there were large celebrations in not only many American cities, but also Global cities. And plenty of foreign leaders have been quoted as saying they appreciate the return to normalcy the 46th president provides.

Conservative media, though, would like their viewers to forget what life was like under Trump. Larry Kudlow, former a Trump administration member, waxed poetically about the days under the 45th president on Monday.

The Fox host was angry about Joe Biden’s plan to make the wealthiest Americans pay their fare share in taxes. He told viewers, “All he wants is redistribution of income and wealth. Not growth and not prosperity.”

Kudlow continued:

“Now with an extremely divisive Biden, America’s foreign policy decline under Biden, absolute chaos on our southern border under Biden, and a tax-and-spend policy that is scaring 125 million investors near to death, with all kinds of things happening, that no one thought would happen just a few months ago, I will tell you, folks, I kind of yearn for the calm, peaceful, orderly, prosperous, America-first around the globe days of Donald Trump. Just saying. That’s my riff.”

Watch a clip of the segment below:



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