WATCH: Fox’s Kilmeade Thinks Kamala Harris Will Become President Due to Hunter Biden Tax Investigation

Many anchors on Fox News have been referring to Joe Biden as the “president-elect.” The pro-Trump pundits on the show have been much slower to accept the reality of Trump’s loss.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

If the hosts of Fox and Friends are going to have to deal with Joe Biden, though, they are going to smear him as much as possible. In the last 24 hours, Fox has ramped up the Hunter Biden tax story again. The issue was largely ignored before the election due to a lack of evidence and credibility. But the IRS and FBI are now investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes.

Brian Kilmeade told viewers that this is a huge deal and the controversy could become so explosive that Kamala Harris could end up becoming the president.

Steve Doocy underplayed the manufactured controversy by saying, “The elections over. And it can’t really hurt Joe Biden because he’s president-elect, according to the papers.” Kilmeade shot back, “I think it can hurt him. This scandal can get so big, look at Richard Nixon. He won a runaway election, he couldn’t shake Watergate. If this turns out that he’s invested in other countries and lied about his links with his son, it could crush him. President Kamala Harris!”

Doocy again jumped in, “We have heard that Joe Biden is not a target of this investigation. So if it comes out, whenever they wrap this up. The IRS and the FBI are investigating. If he is ultimately found guilty of tax evasion, I don’t know how badly that hurts Joe Biden.”

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