WATCH: Fox’s Jedediah Bila Says Trump Shouldn’t Speak at CPAC With GOP at Each Others Throats

The biggest event on the Conservative calendar each year is the CPAC conference. The major speaker of this year’s event, being held in late February, will be Donald Trump.

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

The 45th president is eager to maintain his iron grip over Republicans. At the same time, Trump has been driving a wedge through Republicans with his feud with Mitch McConnell. During Sunday’s broadcast of Fox and Friends, Jedidiah Bila argued that this probably isn’t the best time to have Trump speak at the event.

Bila told viewers:

“It’s very hard for an ex-president who has just left the presidency to not be critical of a president that comes in and is now undoing all of his stuff. I’m sure that President Trump felt really strongly about those issues and was really passionate about those decisions and felt that he was representing a lot of people in making them. So it’s really hard to get on stage so soon after and not create a divisive speech…But the timing needs to be thought about a little bit. The country’s really divided right now. We just had the Capitol riots. Everyone’s kind of at each other’s throats. So if anything, I’m hoping that that message is one of positivity, of coming together, but it’s hard. That is not easy to do when you’re an ex-president and you’re in the initial moments of leaving office.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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