WATCH: Fox’s Hegseth Says Reuniting Children Orphaned by Trump With Parents is Rewarding Illegal Immigration

Joe Biden made a number of promises on the campaign trail. Many of the ideas he proposed were reversals of unpopular Trump initiatives. One of the main promises was to reunite migrant children orphaned by the Trump administration with their parents.

Photo comes via Slaven Vlasic of Getty Images

The family separation act was one of the darkest policies of the Trump administration. That does not mean, however, that it doesn’t have its defenders. During a Tuesday segment, Fox host Pete Hegseth claimed reuniting children would be rewarding illegal immigration.

“[Democrats] made it out as if it was an intentionally draconian policy, the Fox host said, “created an entire caricature. Let’s rename it, it’s illegal immigration day. It’s a total reversal of everything the Trump administration stood for.”

The Fox host continued, “It’s a return to the bipartisan consensus before Donald Trump that was effectively okay with borders being open, a pathway to citizenship, massive illegal immigration, and catch and release programs that were never effective and always created a magnet for people to come to this country.”

Hegseth also went out of his way to compliment the former First Lady. “When you talk to people who did it the right way — because we are america. We encourage immigration. look at Melania.”

There are, of course, questions about how Melania Trump was able to secure an Einstein visa. The grants are normally reserved for people of extraordinary intelligence or ability.

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:


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