Watch: Fox’s Hegseth Says Republicans Won’t Be Able To Win Elections Unless They Make It Harder To Vote

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging throughout the United States in 2020, voting was made much easier for people. And it was an incredible success. More people voted than had in a century and despite Republican claims to the contrary, they went off without a hitch.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

And Republicans saw that when voting is made easier, their chances of success go way down. During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show Friday night, Fox and Friends host Pete Hegseth argued that if Republicans hope to succeed, voting has to become much harder.

Hegseth began, “Let’s finish 2020 before we start 2024 talk. But were it to happen and were he to have a decision to make, of course he should run in 2024. It clears the field completely. And then you go to every state legislature. Because that’s where it’s decided, and a lot of them are controlled by Republicans.”

The Fox and Friends host continued, “That’s topic number one for Republicans today, stopping the nonsense that you talked about in your open come of extending the time frame of no voter I.D., of no chain of custody at the ballots. Without that, Republicans will keep losing. If they can do to the President, if they are able to, what they’ve done to him in 2020, they will railroad every single Republican candidate going forward.”

Hegseth closed his comments, “Bill number one in the house, if you remember, was about expanding this type of voting. Then COVID-19 happened, and they used it. Republicans have to counter-attack, the way the president has always counter-attacked. Keep his back right now, and then going forward, follow his lead.”



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