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WATCH: Fox’s Faulker Loses It After a Panelist Calls Out Network for Ignoring COVID Deaths

WATCH: Fox’s Faulker Loses It After a Panelist Calls Out Network for Ignoring COVID Deaths

Fox News does not like to talk about the coronavirus. That may be because Donald Trump doesn’t like to talk about the coronavirus. Since the epidemic started roaring back in the country in the fall, the network has dedicated significantly less time to covering the damage done by the pandemic.

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Wednesday saw a particularly grim milestone for the country with 3,000 people dying in a day for the first time. Still, the show, Outnumbered, spent the vast majority of the show ignoring the topic. When panelist Marie Harf called out Fox for their lack of coverage, host Harris Faulkner exploded.

The special guest on the show was country singer John Rich. Towards the end of the show, Rich sang a song mocking Liberals. Harf responded by bringing up the fact that the show hadn’t covered the 3,054 deaths. She continued, “we cannot lose sight of the tragedy that is unfolding everything the day in this country in large part because people want to go about life as normal and a lot of people don’t want to wear masks even though the evidence is overwhelming that they save lives.”

“That is offensive and it is not true,” Faulker said. The host continued, “Please, keep your judgment someplace where you know you can fact check it because you can’t see my heart and trust me when I tell you it hurts all of us to mourn those Americans and people around the world.”

Harf shot back, “Then let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about that more than talking about Democratic hypocrisy.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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