WATCH: Fox’s Earhardt Seems Genuinely Astonished After Being Told How Masks Works

There is no cure for the coronavirus. There is, thankfully, a vaccine, but it may be another 7-8 months before everyone who wants a vaccine can get one. What the country can do, however, is practice social distancing and wear face masks.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Other than Scott Atlas, almost any other Doctor would say that face masks remain America’s best hope at combating the disease. Thanks to Donald Trump’s refusal to promote face coverings, though, some on Fox News seem unwilling to talk about the safety method. It has gone so far that host Ainsley Earhardt seemed befuddled after hearing how a mask mandate in the state of Kansas has helped reduce the disease’s spread.

Host Steve Doocy explained, “I read a great survey, and — they looked at the scientific data in my home state of Kansas. In the month of July, they had a statewide mandate for masks. Now the problem with Kansas was, some counties would actually enforce it and other counties would not. In the counties that enforced the mask mandate, the number of cases of coronavirus actually went way down. And in the counties where they did not enforce the mask mandate, it went way up.”

“Really,” asked Earhardt. After Doocy said it was true, she continued, “Huh. You just have to do it smartly and do it safely.”

“it means,” continued Doocy. “Apparently masks work.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:


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