WATCH: Fox’s Earhardt: In NYC You Might Get Robbed if You Eat Outside. If You Call the Police You Might Get a Recording.

Over the last week, Republicans have used their National Convention to paint American city’s as barren hellscapes. Despite the fact that Donald Trump is currently the President, multiple speakers argued that he is the only one who can prevent violent crime.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Fox and Friends, the President’s favorite show, is happy to help push that message. On Friday morning, Ainsley Earnhardt took the fear mongeting to the next level. The host claimed that her friends are scared of eating in New York City for fear they might get mugged.

Earhardt told viewers:

“That is what people are talking about. I know in this city of New York, I’ve had friends saying they’re worried about even going to sit outside, because you can’t sit inside restaurants. Because they’re worried that someone will come up to their table and rob them. Or there won’t be a police officer around. Or if you call 911, you’re going to get a recording. And they’re going to say we’re backlogged and we can’t come and help you.”

The host is using her platform to push propaganda on multiple points. There are currently no documented cases of anyone being robbed while dining outside in New York City. Anyone who lives in the area would tell you this is a ridiculous statement. Earhardt, however, isn’t talking to New Yorkers, she’s talking to viewers who don’t live near major cities.

The idea that 911 would go to a recording is even more baseless. Earhardt is pointing to a recent Donald Trump ad where he claimed if Joe Biden became President, the police would be defunded and 911 calls would be answered anymore. See a clip of that ad below:



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