WATCH: Fox’s Chris Wallace is Puzzled By Trump’s Legal Team

Earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi announced the trial managers that will run the prosecution against Donald Trump. The team contained no surprises and was generally made up of lawmakers with significant legal experience.

Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images

While Donald Trump’s squad of lawyers also has experienced litigators, some of the members are also pretty controversial. Alan Dershowitz defended Jeffrey Epstein and during his time at Baylor, Clinton Impeachment lawyer Ken Starr was accused of botching numerous sexual assault claims. Over the weekend, Fox anchor Chris Wallace showed surprise over the President’s choices.

Wallace began, “The chief counsel for the president, Pat Cipollone, is going to be leading the team. If I were he, I would not be particularly pleased with the team that that the president has assembled. A lot of them, people who appear on television as defenders of the president.”

The Fox News pundit continued by asking, ” But, you know, when you’ve got Alan Dershowitz already issuing a press release about what role he’s going to play, you wonder, is this a team that is going to be cohesive and take orders from the lead guy? Or are these a bunch of people who each have their own ax to grind and their own ego to fill?”

The sometimes Trump critic closed his remarks, “I would think Pat Cipollone, who is a very good lawyer himself, might want a team that would fall more into line than it looks like some of these will.”

You can watch the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:


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