WATCH: Fox’s Chris Wallace Grills Nebraska’s GOP Governor Over Vaccine Hypocrisy

While some are trying to keep their constituents safe, most GOP governors around the country have pushed vaccine hesitancy. There are two main reasons for the anti-vax push. First, many Republicans voters are anti-vax and second, they don’t want to draw the ire of Donald Trump.

UNITED STATES – JANUARY 26: Candidate Pete Ricketts, R-Neb. (Photo By Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images)

During a Sunday appearance on Fox News, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts tried to explain why he’s pushing against vaccine mandates. He ran into a formidable opponent in host Chris Wallace.

The Nebraska governor claimed, “There are still a lot of people out there that don’t know what to trust. This is really an outcome of what the CDC has done because they have flip-flopped on so many issues, whether it’s masks or if you have masks when you’ve been vaccinated and so forth. There’s just a lot of people out there that don’t know who to trust right now. That’s why it should be a personal choice and not something mandated by the government.”

Wallace countered, “So we’re in the middle of a pandemic, there is a new vaccine that Donald Trump was largely responsible for, it’s been approved — full approval — by the FDA. Again, if the polio vaccine is OK for parents and they have to comply with it to send their kid to school, why not the vaccine for this disease?”

Ricketts followed the question by claiming that COVID-19 isn’t more dangerous for children than the flu.

Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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