WATCH: Fox’s Campos-Duffy Warns Thanksgiving Restrictions are a Marxist Plot

The COVID-19 pandemic is very real and very scary. After beating back the virus in the summer months, the coronavirus is back on the rise in nearly every US state. And now, the rapid spread of the disease is threatening the Thanksgiving holiday.

Photo By Douglas Graham/Roll Call/Getty Images

Many governors and doctors are urging Americans to do Thanksgiving a little differently this year. Traveling outside of your bubble and having larger scale dinners is being discouraged. To Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy, the reason for this isn’t keeping Americans safe. To her, it’s a Marxist plot to penetrate families.

The contributor made the comments during Monday morning’s episode of Fox & Friends. She told the panel, “We are already violating all kinds of not just Thanksgiving rules, but apparently we are environmental terrorists, too, for having this too many children. This is so un-American, and right now just keeping your family Thanksgiving tradition seems like an act of civil disobedience. I say the home is sacred, what we do inside of our homes is our business, and I want the government out of it.”

Campos-Duffy continued:

“Believe me, big government, Marxism, this is one space they have been trying to penetrate for a long time, which are American families,” she added. “I can tell you this, Brian, Ainsley and Steve, Americans care more about their grandmothers and their parents more than the government. They know how to take the right precautions to care for grandma whether it was — I know people self-quarantining ahead of Thanksgiving holidays. They are driving instead of flying. People know how to do this, and they don’t need the government or nosy neighbors turning them in.”

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of Fox News:

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