WATCH: Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Wants Mattel to Make a Melania Trump Barbie Doll

Conservative media always felt that Melania Trump did not get the kind of respect she deserved. Why, they asked, wasn’t she on the covers of magazines like other First Ladies. Why wasn’t she treated like a style icon?

Melania Trump FEMA
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Trump, of course, was a bit rough around the edges. She had frequent gaffes like the time she plagiarized a Michelle Obama speech. Or wearing the infamous “I really don’t care” jacket when her husband was locking small children in cages. Even her charitable foundation, meant to stop bullying, was mocked for it’s lack of self awareness.

Still, though, Fox News wants her treated like other First Ladies. So when the show did a segment on a new Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie doll, Brian Kilmeade couldn’t resist calling for a Melania model.

A Fox New reporter told the panel, “There is a new collectible Barbie modeled after First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. The release comes before International Women’s Day next week and is the latest in the toymaker’s line of aspiring women. The doll features a dress meant to reflect the First Lady’s style. Barbie praised Roosevelt in a tweet saying in part, ‘she used her voice to lift up others and inspired generations to speak up.’ Barbie tweeted that, guys, on her tiny cellphone.”

Kilmeade, of course, couldn’t resist a chance to praise Melania. He chimed in, “The most natural one would be Melania, right? I mean she looks like they should have a doll of her.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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