WATCH: Fox's Watters Declares 'Trans Thing' to be 'Over', says Trump Selling Bibles to be Fine

The hosts of the Fox News network all show varying degrees of willingness to debase themselves on behalf of Donald Trump. It would be hard to find a figure on the channel more spineless than Jesse Watters. 

This year, the Trans Day of Visibility, which is always on March 31st, coincided with Easter, which is on a different day every year. The anchors on Fox's The Five know this, of course, but Watters still made claims to the contrary on Monday night. 

The host told viewers, "If you have a calendar 365 days of the year and the transgender community purposely chooses the day of Jesus' death or resurrection, whatever Easter weekend, that seems like a shot. It could have been in October. They chose that day on purpose."

Watters also opined, "Permission to speak on behalf of the American people. I think the trans thing is over. We have accommodated the trans for quite some time. They are demanding more visibility."

When the topic turned to Donald Trump and the fact that he is selling Bibles for $60, Watters was much more willing to give his guy the benefit of the drought. "So Trump put his name on a bible and is promoting prayer," he remarked. "So what? That is not controversial. FDR handed out signed bibles to troops during World War II. Jimmy Carter wrote forwards to bibles that were sold. They called Barack Obama 'The Messiah.'"