WATCH: Fox's Turley Explains Why He Thinks Trump Should Comply With Gag Order

Donald Trump's attorney for his current case in New York City is Todd Blanche. However, the former president has also constantly mentioned the 'legal experts' who often run cover for him on Fox News. The other day, Trump spoke to reporters while holding a stack of printed Fox articles that he believed prove his innocence. 

Jonathan Turley wrote many of those pro-Trump articles and has regularly appeared on Fox's programming to discuss Trump's current legal predicaments. And during a Wednesday segment on Fox, Turley had some advice for the former President. 

The legal pundit began by opining that Michael Cohen should also be subject to a gag order, "You’ve got Cohen going on the air every night, not just opposing the president in this trial, but opposing him in the campaign. According to this order, even after he testifies, the president cannot respond to him. So all these networks constantly have him on, and somehow he’s in this bubble."

At the same time, the Fox expert also advised the former President to comply with the directive. "I think that Donald Trump has got to comply with the gag order. There’s other people that are criticizing Michael Cohen. This is a very weak case, they’re trying to get him to trip a wire.Don’t give them what they want. This case is based on no good law, in my view, and you should let it collapse on its own weight."