WATCH: Fox's Roberts Admits GOP Has Nothing On Joe Biden

Donald Trump was enraged that he was twice impeached while serving as the country's President. And in his mind, the only thing that will make it ok is if Joe Biden is impeached, too. So, the House GOP has focused on the last year of finding evidence of imaginary crimes. 

So far, they have found absolutely nothing. Even more embarrassing, one of their major witnesses was a Russian stooge. Democrats have made it clear that Hunter Biden isn't a perfect person, but he also isn't his father. 

During a Thursday segment on Fox News, John Roberts explained to Fox viewers that the GOP has fallen short of finding anything on the President. He explained:

"But here’s the thing — so they’ve got a lot of receipts with Hunter Biden. They’ve got a bunch of receipts with Jim Biden as well. But so far, there’s nothing to connect all of that to the president in any kind of way that looks like it’s illegal or even potentially unethical. How much longer can this probe go on before the Republicans have to either put up or move on?"

Roberts continued, "The bottom line is there’s an awful lot of smoke with this. But if you want to impeach the president, you got to find the fire."