WATCH: Fox's Kilmeade Warns Trump Against Listening to Bannon and Gaetz

Donald Trump achieved one of the great moments of his life when he won the 2016 election. One of his principal advisers who made that victory happen was Steve Bannon. 

Matt Gaetz, the Florida Republican, was one of Trump's most loyal toadies before and after his time in office. And that has kept him close to the former President. 

If Trump wants to win in 2024, though, Brian Kilmeade says that he will have to stop listening to those two men. 

The Fox and Friends host gave the advice during Tuesday's broadcast. He began, "Well, I think both candidates have to realize this: That if, on the left, if Joe Biden listens to the Squad, he loses. And I think if Donald Trump listens to Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon, he loses. They have to understand that most of the people are not on the extremes."

Kilmeade continued, "And if you could understand that, you’re going to win. The first one to understand that and does what they think they should do, and not what the extremists are bullying them to do, is going to be successful."

This might be decent advice, but it also also assumes that Trump makes decisions like a rational human being. The 45th President is far more likely to listen to someone who tells him what he wants to hear rather than someone who gives smart advice.