WATCH: Fox's Hemmer Tells Trump Lawyer That She Is Going To Be Found Guilty in NYC Case

For most of his adult life, Donald Trump has been able to use his lawyers to get out of trouble. The state of New York, however, is flexing its muscles and making things very difficult for Trump. 

The court has already called on not only the former President to testify, but also his 3 oldest children. In addition, Judge Arthur Engoron ruled in September that Trump had defrauded banks and creditors. 

Trump's lawyers, not exactly the A-Team at this point, have an uphill battle ahead of them. So they seem to have taken the strategy of just ranting and raving, especially Alina Habba. 

Habba got a wakeup call on Tuesday when Fox host Bill Hemmer told her, "You think that the judge already pre-ordained his verdict before the witness, okay, even before the witnesses took the stand, then you're going to be found guilty in this case on behalf of the judge."

The lawyer countered, "He found us summarily liable [before the trial]," Habba explained. "He said that we committed fraud, 'we,' meaning [the] Trump Organization and all the defendants, committed fraud on their statement of financial condition because they were too low. When in fact they were in many instances undervalued."

Habba later continued, "Thursday, we'll be making our motions relating to some biases we've seen in the courtroom, some biases we've seen outside of the courtroom, and frankly, how they just haven't been able to. So Thursday will be a big motion day where we'll outline how there is no case, and how there should be a mistrial and a directed verdict."