WATCH: Fox's Doocy Asks GOP Rep. if Border Patrol Agents are Wrong About Border Bill

GOP Reps have been complaining non-stop about the situation at the U.S./Mexican border. A bi-partisan bill has been presented to them by the Senate, but those in House leadership rejected the measure before reading it. 

No one would ever mistake the Border Patrol Union as left-wing. The group has endorsed Donald Trump twice and surely will do the same in 2024. Still, the group also came out in support of the bill, saying it is much better than doing nothing. 

Congressman Tom Emmer appeared on Fox News Tuesday morning. Host Steve Doocy asked, "I know a lot of Republicans are against it because Donald Trump is against it. But here’s the problem for you guys: the Border Patrol union came out, and the acting CBP chief both came out and said they’re not — it’s not perfect — but this is the best thing we’ve seen in decades. So are Republicans going to say that the Border Patrol union and the acting CBP chief are wrong?"

An irritated Emmer responded, "Well, and it’s our job to actually make sure the laws will accomplish what we’re seeking to do. You have to reform the parole process where the president has been abusing it, allowing people to come across the border. You have to reinstate remain in Mexico. You have to end, catch and release. And you have to reform our asylum laws. This so-called Senate deal only takes care of one thing."

The congressman continued, "They can have their opinion. But this is what we got elected for, and we need to hold the administration accountable. It’s time to end this invasion at the southern border, Steve."